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Stairlift Innovation since 1989

Meditek was founded back in 1989 with two enthusiastic mechanical engineers and a unique design concept: the two founders were Derek Nicholson and Kevin G. Strafford-Price, and their idea was to replace the cumbersome high voltage drive mechanism of existing stairlifts with a much safer and flexible low-voltage, battery-operated system.

Whilst Derek later moved on from designing Acorn stairlifts and finally retired in 2009, Kevin has remained the heart and driving force of MediTek from the outset. Both of the founders had been associated with the stairlift industry for several years and were therefore ideally placed to understand what was needed to revolutionize the product.


There are many reasons you may be considering a stairlift, many thousands of people are, but whatever the reason, MediTek can provide a solution.
Everyone at MediTek understands that climbing stairs can be awkward and physically demanding. Our stairlift is an excellent example of assisted technology, designed to provide an easy and convenient way of accessing upper floors quickly and safely, whenever required.
The MediTek Stairlift’s are designed to offer the user total piece of mind when it comes to comfort and safety and comply fully with Industry Standards.

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