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A New Era in Trade Partnerships for Stairlift Retailers

With recent government healthcare reforms, changes in consumer buying habits and demographic forecasts; we believe that the domestic stairlift market is likely to increase markedly during the next generation.
Britain is one of the world's largest domestic stairlift markets with the vast majority of lifts supplied by the independent stairlift retailer. Research tells us that the majority of our target consumers prefer, whenever possible, to buy from locally based dealer businesses like yours.
MediTek believes the stability and prosperity of the retailer is best served by a strong commercial partnership. That is why in today's competitive economic climate - MediTek aims to provide stairlift dealers like you with the following:-


A comprehensive range of high-quality products

MediTek has a full range of straight and curved products for all your target customer needs be they budget conscious, discerning or the Local Authority social services; we have a stairlift to suit.
At MediTek, we have a very rudimentary view on the needs of the stairlift market. Quite simply, stairlifts need to be straightforward to manufacture, easy to install and reliable and effortless to operate. All the products in the MediTek range are stylish, attractive and simple for users to manage.


Performance and Build Quality

Stairlifts are technical products and once purchased and installed, will be in constant demand by their user/owners who will come to rely on them for their comfort and independence.
Reliability is paramount and that is why we invest in design and manufacturing processes that ensure our products are built to, not only perform well, but withstand the rigours of constant daily use.
MediTek use only high quality components, sourced from reputable suppliers, to ensure each lift meets our stringent quality standards before leaving the factory.


Realistically priced

By ensuring that our products are economical to procure, install and maintain they are realistically and competitively priced to reflect their brand, quality and market potential. Our products really do offer excellent value for money for our stairlift customers and sustainable economic potential for stairlift retailers too.


Fast and timely deliveries

There are many reasons why people delay the decision to acquire a stairlift. However, when they eventually do, they tend to want it quickly. We believe prompt and timely supply is an important function in our support for our distributor network and we endeavour to supply our stairlifts to you within 2 to 5 days* depending on specification.
*Supply of curved stairlifts may take longer depending upon survey and rail profile.


Exclusive Geographic Distribution

MediTek believes its customers are best served through a network of dedicated stairlift retailers with, whenever possible, agreed geographical areas of exclusivity.
Also, because we only supply through authorised distributors we will not divert attention or priorities into supporting direct operations when demand is high or during busy periods, ensuring we always concentrate our resources on supplying and supporting our International Distributor Dealer Network.

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