E120 Comfort Stairlift

E120 Comfort

The MediTek E120 Comfort combines classic style with affordability. Simplicity at its finest, the Comfort is a reliable stairlift at a price that suits you.
With its slim profile and neutral colour the Comfort offers you complete peace of mind, freedom and blends into your home with ease.
Installation is quick and easy and leaves little or no mess in your home.
The E120 Comfort comes in Alura (cream) upholstery which is washable and fireproof.


What to Expect

1. Joystick Control
2. Remote Control
3. ICS Diagnostic Display
4. Manual Swivel Lever
5. Retractable Seatbelt
6. Fixed Seat Post
7. Continuous Charge Strip
8. Foot Rest Link (optional extra)
9. Powered Swivel Seat (optional extra)
10. Telescopic Seat Post (optional extra)


Safety Features

11. Pressure-Sensitive Surfaces
12. Emergency Holding Button
13. Barrier Arm (optional extra)
14. Key Switch

With unrivaled quality, comfort, and safety features at the entry-level, the E120 is redefining the meaning of value.
The unrivaled design severs the association between high caliber and high cost.

Discover the new and affordable MediTek E120

MediTek E120 Comfort

Enjoy the benefit of the high standards and build quality that goes into every MediTek stairlift.