MediTek Stairlift Features

See why a MediTek stairlift will be the ultimate
solution to your mobility needs...

UK manufactured stairlifts built with you in mind.

Modern Design

At MediTek, we strive to design innovative lifts that can be utilized in any home.

Our slim design allows our stairlifts to be a successful addition to any home, rather than a burden, while never neglecting the need for comfort.

Illuminated Diagnostics

MediTek pioneer the first diagnostic display of its kind to make solving problems easier.

Should a problem arise, customers can often diagnose the fault themselves or correct the issue over the phone with their local dealer.

Just one way that MediTek is dedicated to making life easier.

Safer Charging

As a solution to former problematic charging methods, MediTek invented the Integral Continuous Charging Circuit, or ICCC, in 1994.  Using a charging strip and lower voltage, the ICCC is an innovative addition to MediTek stairlifts to ensure safety for both the user and installer

staitlift charging rails

The ultimate in stairlift stability for that true

"Peace of Mind"

Many stairlifts have their supporting rails suspended in mid air relying on a plethora of brackets to stop the stairlift rocking.


For that ultimate feeling of security and safety all MediTek stairlift rails are securely mounted directly, and clamped down to, the nose of each step without the need for so many brackets.


This feature is not lost on customers who try out the MediTek Stand & Perch.

MediTek Stairlifts Manufactured in the UK

Relax when the power goes down and don't be left stranded upstairs.

Some inferior stairlifts use 3 amp hour batteries which will not last long in a power outage..

Feel safe and secure in the knowledge that even in the event of a power outage your MediTek stairlift will continue to operate as normal for a minimum of 25 round trips.


MediTek stairlifts use constantly charged high power sealed for life 7.2 Amp Hour Batteries which are beautifully and harmoniously nestled into the chassis for easy access.


As a side note, the higher the A/h number the better, these batteries operate for longer in a power outage and the higher rating gives considerably better battery life saving money.

high capacity stairlift battery
Stairlift features & options

À la carte option menu


You can specify one or all the options.

Regardless they all work harmoniously together as can be seen in the video below.

Seen here to the left is the D stairlift with all the options:


  • Colour fabric
  • Automatic power fold up rail
  • Linked footrest or footrest lifter
  • Automatic power seat swivel
  • Special needs are easily accommodated at the time of purchase or retrofitted later as your needs change.

Video showing all of the options working together.

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