What is a stairlift?

If you are suffering from an injury and unable move up and down through stairs or have permanently reduced mobility, then a stairlift may be the most viable mobility solution for you to enable you to stay in your own home.


A stairlift is a mechanical, motorised device for lifting people up and down stairs. This electric/battery operated chair with a back-rest, two arms and a footrest travels up and down a rail installed on the side of staircase. The rail is very easily installed into both narrow and wide stairway, the only condition is that the stair tread must be strong as the railing on which the Stairlift moves, is bolted to this stair tread and not you’re wall.


Who Can Use a Stairlift?

A Stairlift can be utilized by many different people young and elderly who face difficulty in moving up and down the stairs or those who are confined to a wheelchair due to injury or knee problem or have any medical condition which makes it difficult for them to climb staircases.
With superior styling and state-of-the-art craftsmanship, stairlifts are now increasingly attracting both the professional and domestic masses, with several numbers of people and hospitals are now considering installing this mobile seat to enable older family members or patients access all levels of their home with ease.
For patients with restricted mobility, walking and climbing stairs in hospitals becomes tedious and exhausting. In hospitals, installation of a Stairlift has made it easier for patients who have difficulty climbing stairs to move upstairs and down with the ease.


What are the Options?

Stairlifts are available in different forms such as straight, curved, indoor, outdoor, ceiling stairlifts. Whether a staircase is straight or curved, inside or outside, or has turns and bends, there are a variety of stairlifts available to match your needs and give you safe access to all levels of your home once again with comfort and style. For instance, for a straight and regular staircase there is a standard stairlift, and for curved staircase there is a curved stairlift which can be customised to the exact specifications of your staircase.
What’s more, a stairlift is available in a variety of colors and designs to suit your interior and is easier to install and maintain, without ruining your staircase.

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